Zero waste

Our principles around "Zero waste"

The philosophy that accompanies us every day forces us to think about the impact of our production chain on the environment.

We evaluate this impact by considering the volume of carbon dioxide that the activity of a person and of the company releases into the environment and the atmosphere.

Our goal is to ensure everyone who buys cosmetics LOV that their impact on the environment is drastically lower than that of traditional industrial products.

We tell you about the actions we have taken to mitigate our impact on the planet.

Solid cosmetics

We have chosen not to produce a liquid version, because it is a solid product it does not need of a container.

Despite this, it is not legally possible to sell cosmetics without protective packaging and without a label. Therefore, we have decided to package our products only in kraft paper and, on your choice, in a 100% natural and virgin Sardinian cork container. Remember that our packaging is all recyclable is biodegradable!

Numbers are worth a thousand words

One person, on average, uses a 250ml bottle per month, a little more. It is a plastic bottle that very often is neither recyclable nor reusable.

Our solid shampoo has the same average duration (about 30 washes), which is one month for one person's use. But once consumed, nothing is to be thrown away! It has been used 100% for useful and not futile purposes.

This means that 12 plastic bottles per person were avoided in one year. We leave you the pleasure of amplifying this number for your whole family.

Therefore, the ecological impact of one solid shampoo LOV it is much less than its liquid equivalent. The same goes for our other products!

Shipping packaging

Shipping must also be PLASTIC FREE. For this you will not find any plastic protection inside the cardboard box. We chose a recycled straw and paper filler so that everything, once again, is recyclable or reusable. 

Of course we recommend that you group your orders with your friends or family to reduce the impact of the delivery.




We understand that many of you reject plastic in all its forms, but sometimes it is difficult to find the right compromise. In any case, we are doing our best.

We are always open to new advice, so please feel free to let us know your ideas for further improvement. You will always be welcome!